Thursday, 1 March 2012

March Wishlist

I really can't believe that it's March already. It seems only two minutes ago that it was New Years eve and we're almost a quarter of the way through the year! I've been so busy with my new job it's been really difficult trying to keep on top of my blog. At the moment they often expect me to come in an hour early and finish late meaning that by the time I'm home I have a couple of hours to pass out on the sofa. It doesn't help that we still don't have the internet although that is going to be sorted this month. Can you also believe that my blog is almost one year old?!

This month's wish list is looking very black and a bit more practical that normal. My budget is quite tight and I'm still hankering after the one teaspoon dress from February's wish list. I'm planning on putting some more clothing in my Facebook selling folder and possibly listing somethings on Ebay. In the mean time I still have a few items for sale here.

  1. Black and white stripy dress from Boohoo (£10), easy to wear and cheap!
  2. Mybelle vintage phone (£35). We're getting a phone line installed sometime next week and I think I need one of these.
  3. River Island black high waisted knickers (£38) not sure when I'd wear them but I love them.
  4. Miss Selfridge black jersey blazer (£30) this has been in store a while but with the air con being so frosty in the office I think I need to stock up on more jackets and cardigans.
  5. Jeffery campbell night nail (£150) I really really want a pair of these.
  6. Topshop- willow wedge zip front boots (£85) I really need a replacement for my cheap (now falling apart) wedges because I get a lot of wear out of them. 
  7. Ox blood red chesterfield armchair (£300) the last piece of furniture we need to complete the flat.
  8. Topshop nylon quilted back pack (£25) I'm just thinking ahead and this would be great for the festival season.


  1. Really love that armchair & phone, your place must look so good. Can't believe that that dress is only a tenner and I'm putting that backpack on my wishlist x

  2. Just yesterday I took a look on vintage phones, cause I need one as well :D But here in Germany they cost about £90, couldn't find a cheaper one yet :/

  3. Mybelle seems like a reputable make for vintage style phones, why don't you look on Ebay for one. They are also really reasonably priced :).

  4. I love chesterfield style sofas and chairs! My brother has been recently doing up his pub which will be opening soon and he's bought chesterfield sofas for the cosy area! So gorgeous! I'd love to have a chesterfield armchair to put next to our book case but we have a cat so leather isn't a very good idea! Maybe a fabric one.. :D Love the dress and Jeffrey Campbell Night Nails! xxx

  5. We have the sofa but I think we need a chair too cos there's not enough room for everyone to sit down! There's actually a pub near us that has all chesterfields and it looks gorgeous. x

  6. ohh i LOVE the black quilted backpack, that's awesome!

  7. i'll join you on 3) and 5).

    dont worry about pausing your blog a moment, times will come when you have more time again! <3