Friday, 3 February 2012

Febuary Wish List

Here's a few things on my current wish list I'm going to be completely broke till the end of the month so here's me wishing other wise!

I've been after a leather jacket to customise for so long now and still not come across the perfect one. I really like the shape of the denim jacket below so maybe it would be a good substitute for now. Although I'm not sure how warm it would really be.

From the left hand upper corner- 
  • Night daisy mini dress- Asos (£110)
  • Grey denim Biker Jacket- Ebay (£70)
  • Triangle pendant neck lace- Urban Outfitters (£14)
  • 'Dark' ring- Topshop (£12.50)
  • Black crushed velvet Leggings- Ebay (£12)
  • Black victorian floral Doc Martens- Amazon (£75)

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