Thursday 24 September 2015

Dark Denim

Images by Toria Brightside.

Shirt- Topshop
Leggings- Asos
Shoes- Asos
Hat- River Island

This is another post that was shot quite a while ago but I thought it was more relevant now the cold weather is upon us again. It was the first day of Autumn yesterday which does make me very sad that our (hardly ever sunny) summer is over. However it's also exciting to look forward to all the fun wintery things like bonfire night, halloween, the run up to Christmas and wrapping up in those warm Winter layers. I'm looking forward to dragging out those sweaters, boots and coats praying for some snow!

I'm actually going away on Saturday to Marrakech so I'll have one last hurrah of hot weather before I finally except Autumn is here. I've not had a whole week off from work all year so I cannot wait to have a long relaxing week and wonder round all the beautiful marrakech markets looking for trinkets for our new house.

This outfit kind of goes with a sad story because I returned the shirt because I wasn't sure about it but after I saw the pictures I really regretted it and of course by that time the shirt had sold out! I've been on the hunt for another denim shirt ever since but not come across one anything like it.

Thursday 10 September 2015

Palm Springs

Images by Anthony Kaye

Sweater- The
Skirt- American Apparel
Shoes- River Island

Right now I am really wishing I lived in a country with lots of palm trees. The weather in England has been most disappointing this Summer and now it's nearly drawing to a close. I've certainly not had many opportunities to wear skirts and shorts. Even the day we took these images as you can tell was a pretty breezy afternoon.

My Green ends are very nearly grown out and I'm actually looking forward to have all brown hair for a change. In the last few weeks I've even been considering dying it black to get the last bit out but I've managed to hold off up to now.

If these sunglasses belong to any of my family members or friends do let me know I found them lying in the kitchen.

Thankfully in the next few weeks I will be away on holiday to find some warmer air!

Thursday 11 June 2015


Outfit Details
Dress- Missguided
Necklace- Missguided
Boots- Doc Marten

It turned out to be a wise idea to wear a long sleeve dress on the Saturday as it was very cold and windy towards the end of the day. Even in the tent the windy blew through and we ended up going home a bit earlier.

Outfit details
Crop Top- Missguided
Skirt- Missguided
Crochet Kimono- Missguided
Boots- Doc marten

Although this is more of a beach outfit than a festival outfit it actually worked well for the Sunday as it was really sunny. Later on when it cooled down I changed my skirt for trousers.

I had the most amazing time ever at Parklife thanks to Missguided. I didn't take my SLR so all of the pictures above are phone pictures (some stole from my friend Dan). I've definitely got the festival bug so I'm now hoping to make it to at least another festival this summer. 

With the weather being so unpredictable it was quite hard to choose what to wear a week beforehand. I think I choose the right options. Although the day started out very sunny on Saturday it quite became very Windy. It started raining about 5pm which was great for James Bay who was playing in one of the tent at the time as everyone rushed in for cover. 

I definitely enjoyed the Sunday more as the weather was so much better and we were able to sit and chill on the grass in the sun for quite a lot of the day. 

I particularly enjoyed Hannah Wants DJ set. We went over to the tent hoping to catch some of her set and it was so packed people were queing to get in the tent. After waiting a while we managed to battle our way in although there were constant streams of people coming out of the crowd and pushing forward to get in so it was quite rough. She played a mixed of current tunes and classic 90's tracks.

Some of the acts we went to see were, Jessie Ware, James Bay, Rudimental, Hannah Wants and Jungle.

Wednesday 3 June 2015

The Oversized T-shirt

Images by Anthony Kaye

Dress- Cheap Monday
Shoes- Boden
Jacket- Topshop
Hat- H&M

I Love the simplicity of this dress. It's also lightweight and oversized so perfect for summer. It's the first item of clothing I've bought in a long while and I'm finding it really useful.

I've started dying my hair blue for a change. One last hurrah before I give it a rest and go brown for a bit. Blue hair also means I can wear red again hurray.

I've been super busy in my job the past few weeks which I've enjoyed but has also been quite stressful. I'm coming to the end of it now though so though so hopefully blogging can return to normal.

Tuesday 12 May 2015

Double denim

 Images by Anthony Kaye

Shirt- Topshop (similar here)
Shorts- Missguided*
Shoes- Caterpillar

I don’t own a lot of denim but this shirt is one of my favourites. I bought at the beginning of last summer and still wear it loads. I’d really like a pair of bleached out blue denim jeans and a longer shirt to wear to work.

Me and my boyfriend went looking for new blog shoot locations at the weekend and a few cool new spots. I love a nice distressed wall!

Why is the weather at the moment summer all week and miserable all weekend?? At least in Manchester this seems to be the case. I want to wear summer clothes now! This week has been mega hectic but there are lots of exciting things on the horizon for me.