Thursday, 24 September 2015

Dark Denim

Images by Toria Brightside.

Shirt- Topshop
Leggings- Asos
Shoes- Asos
Hat- River Island

This is another post that was shot quite a while ago but I thought it was more relevant now the cold weather is upon us again. It was the first day of Autumn yesterday which does make me very sad that our (hardly ever sunny) summer is over. However it's also exciting to look forward to all the fun wintery things like bonfire night, halloween, the run up to Christmas and wrapping up in those warm Winter layers. I'm looking forward to dragging out those sweaters, boots and coats praying for some snow!

I'm actually going away on Saturday to Marrakech so I'll have one last hurrah of hot weather before I finally except Autumn is here. I've not had a whole week off from work all year so I cannot wait to have a long relaxing week and wonder round all the beautiful marrakech markets looking for trinkets for our new house.

This outfit kind of goes with a sad story because I returned the shirt because I wasn't sure about it but after I saw the pictures I really regretted it and of course by that time the shirt had sold out! I've been on the hunt for another denim shirt ever since but not come across one anything like it.


  1. So jealous you're going to Marrakech, I'd love a week of sunshine! Hope you have a great time! I love this shirt, such a shame you returned it, I love the fit of it :) xx

  2. Love the colours in this post. Have fun in Marrakech! <3

    The Quirky Queer

  3. Sorry to hear about the shirt :( I've definitely done that before. Last year I returned a leather skirt and I'm still lamenting it. I haven't found one yet that fit even half as well as that one did. Oh well, live and learn! Ps, you are beautiful and I love your style!

    Sam /

  4. You look gorgeous in that outfit

  5. This is just too froggin' cute, love love love all the green. ~ M.

  6. Love so so much this outfit!! Specially the shoes!!

  7. This outfit is pretty classy and it looks great on you!