Monday, 27 February 2012

Antique shopping

My boyfriend Jay, his Mum and I went shopping on Saturday round a few of the antique and shabby chic furniture shops in Stockport for new bits and pieces for the flat.

Originally we were looking for a light for the bedroom and I had seen one which was like a white lantern that hung from the celling which I really loved. It turned out that it was very big and hung down from a chain so I think me and jay would have ended up getting injured if we jumped up in bed a bit too quick.

There is this one shop that sells loads of antique bric-a-brac and everything is unbelievably cheap. My Mum drove past it once and mentioned it to me and I've been popping in ever since. It's only a small shop and is crammed front to back with furniture so you need to shuffle round everything to even get through the shop. There's everything from vintage suitcases and antique tea sets to sets of drawers and side cabinets. Everything is really reasonable and they are happy to barter. 

We ended up getting a chair for my dressing table for £25 and an antique lamp which just needs re-wiring for £10. All in all it was a lovely trip and a very enjoyable afternoon.

Dressing table stool which just needs re-painting to match

Antique 1930's lamp

Now that I've got all the furniture for the bedroom I've just been thinking about how we can decorate the walls. I saw this photograph on blood milk and I love the idea of loads of little picture frames, mini shelves and objects hanging on the wall. I'd love to collect some of my favourite pictures from tumblr and create a wall collage similar to this.

I've taken lots of pictures of the flat with my film camera to post on my blog, I'm just waiting to get the film developed so that I can share them.

I once again had an ace weekend, it's a shame weekends aren't just back to back and then we could go out and have fun days all the time! I really enjoyed catching up with friends old and new. Dark lipstick  and emerald green nails are my new thing <3.

Dark Lipstick

Emerald green nails (yup these are real)


  1. Oooo what's the shop in Stockport called? And whereabouts is it? :) Love the dressing table stool! <3

  2. You and I seem to have quite similar tastes! I've been collecting loads of quirky little bit and pieces, frames of all shapes and sizes (especially oval ones!) and plan on doing a wall collage filed with plenty of my favourite lowbrow/surrealism art!

    We're currently decorating our living room, I've yet to chose a wallpaper but can't wait to see it all come together at the end. I just got 2 side tables today, one second hand and one new!

    Love your new ceiling lamp, very decadent!

    Isn't decorating exciting?!

  3. omg thats just awesome! I looove that wall of yours!

  4. The wall is not mine it's taken from Blood milk's blog.

    @ vainglorysinner Thanks, I am loving decorating my flat, I just open that the wall collage works in the space that I have.

  5. i love the wall with all the frames.

    find us here

  6. the furniture is oh so beautiful <3 love your nails also x