Thursday, 23 February 2012

Instagram Diary

I finally gave in and got an Iphone, It's something I've wanted for ages but always thought I couldn't really justify it for the money. It's left me pretty broke for the rest of the month but I'm really enjoying using it. My friend even donated me a cute Cath Kidston case for it. 

My favourite app by far is instragram. I just love the idea of documenting what your doing through pictures instead of words. I've not got too many followers so far but I've been taking loads of pictures.

I decided to put together a little diary of what I've been up to through instagram. If you would like to follow me my username is @feelingvague. I also post a few of the pictures to Tumblr and Twitter. If you look really carefully the second picture on the top row is some of the print designs I've been doing.


  1. i love your pictures. i especially love your little vanity corner, its so cute. congrats on getting an iphone! :)

    BTW there is a giveaway on my blog. would appreciate it if you'd check it out.



  2. Love your new dressing table! Those Docs are sweet!