Monday, 20 February 2012

What I wore #9

I had another really lovely weekend lots of parties and socialising. I love just spending time in the flat too. We are getting the internet next month which will mean that what we watch won't be dictated by the TV which is the only thing driving me crazy.

This is what I wore to wok on Friday but I've only just got around to posting in. As I've just started a new job I've been trying to make an effort with what I where everyday and it's making me realize that I haven't bought clothes that I really l love for quite a long time. I think it's time to sell some more things so I can raise some cash for nice new things.

Pinstriped Top- Retrospective clothing, Underbust waistcoat- Made by me, Grey wrap cardigan- Republic, Crushed velvet skirt- Republic,Spiked Bracelets- Topshop, Necklace- All Saints

outfit with out the cardigan


  1. I'm signing under the request (from tumblr) about hair tutorial. You and your outfit ~ gorgeous.

  2. You're super pretty!
    We have the same name :)
    New follower here from Vancouver Canada :3