Monday, 16 April 2012

Occult Fashion

Occult/dark fashion is my new favourite thing so I thought I would do a little post about my inspiration and the shops I love right now. As it happens I've actually already bought loads of the things below because I'm loving this theme so much. I need to get on and do some outfit posts in the near future.

I got back from Germany last week and I had a whole film of cool pictures of the flat and holiday and other things I wanted to share on my blog but I stupidly wound my camera back wrong and ruined another film. However in the sprit of not letting small things bother me, I'm just thinking about all the new pictures I will take on the new film to replace them.

I had a lovely time and rested a lot I'll post some (digital) pictures soon.

Occult Inspiration


  1. Actual Pain!!
    great taste girl!

  2. I love occult themes in fashion too. Well choosen pic's to represent the topic. By the way Amber, I love your blog, it's very inspiring, it has even inspired me, after a long time of hesitation, to get my own blog started - so I gotta say thank you somehow ;)