Friday, 6 January 2012

Vau Vau Fashion Show

The lady Toria Brightside is putting on another fashion show but this time the show is going to be bigger, better, and fucking fabulous in every way. Featuring Eustratia, Birds Yard, Paper Dress and other independent shops and designers.

It's basically going to be a massive showcase of creativity with stalls selling reduced price goods from independent brands, designers and artists. All the girls featured in the show are absolutely stunning with a few known names in there too. Models, clothes, discount stalls, exhibtions, photographers, artists, never seen before pieces, what more could you want?

I will be covering the show on my blog as well as modelling, helping out with various stalls and my boyfriend is also exhibiting.

Not only this but the event is going to be held in a massive old church, which you can check out here- it's an absolutely beautiful venue for a night like this.

Tickets for the show were designed by me with logo design by Stacey Black 

The facebook events page is here-
So many people have been involved in putting the show together it's going to be amazing. I suggest you go and buy a ticket and get yourselves there, it's going to be an event you don't want to miss. Tickets will be released on Saturday.

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