Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Lakes

I had a lovely time in the lakes even though the weather was typically British. We only had a couple of days away which was a shame as we couldn't fit much in although I think I would have really missed Jay had I been away much longer. The hotel we stayed in was called The Old English hotel, which looked out onto the lake and was beautifully finished with antique decor. The rooms were bigger than mine and Jay's whole flat and I loved having the opportunity to have a nice long bath, as there isn't one in the flat.

We went on a boat cruise around the lake which was exciting. The weather was quite windy and lake was very choppy so the waves were splashing up against the windows and the rain was thrashing it down. When the clouds eventually cleared me and Charlotte went up on deck to take in some of the beautiful views.

The town we stayed in was called Bowness is so quaint and picturesque, we had lunch in a lovely pub and had a wonder round some of the shops, which were mostly small and independent. 

I had hoped we might have time to take a walk in the forests but unfortunately, the rainy weather and the short space of time we were there meant that we didn't get the chance.

Gaby & Charlotte my younger twin sisters

A darker one of my sisters and I in the hotel having afternoon tea.

I've only been back at work a day and already I'm missing having leisurely days doing whatever I feel like. The wave of positivity brought in by the new year feels as though it's already fading slightly and gloomy January is upon us. When I was younger I enjoyed having a birthday in the winter but as I've got older I think I'm realizing that it is a bit of a depressing month to have a birthday. I was thinking I might go to TG Brighton for my birthday celebrations but I'm probably taking too long to make a decision about it again, which often happens with a birthday so soon after Christmas.

I'm going to see Swan Lake tonight which I have really wanted to see again ever since I watched Black Swan. Perhaps that might put my positivity back on track.