Tuesday, 10 January 2012

What I wore #8

I'm starting to get over my post Christmas blues and into planning 2012. I have lots of ideas on how I want this year to be different to the last, being more involved in creative projects, further promoting my blog, wearing new styles of clothing that excite and inspire me and traveling to more places I've been desperate to visit.

My outfit today is slightly inspired by 80's Madonna, messy hair, scarf headband, lace top, lots of bracelets and a sticky-out skirt.

I'm really loving this studded collar that was DIYed for me by Jay. I'm wearing it more and more at the moment, expect to see it in a few more outfit posts to come. I've also finally found a way to wear my Topshop fetish bra on show.

Studded collar- Hand made by Jay, Bra- Topshop, Lace Vest- H&M, Skirt- Pretty Disturbia, Panel Leggings- Lip Service, Boots-Doc Martens, Crystal Necklaces- Present, Velvet Headband- Topshop, Selection of bracelets- Topshop

Cropped Leatherette Jacket- H&M

Second week back at work and already I feel a bit snowed under. I've spent the day trying to do too many things at once and consequently achieving nothing!

If anyone living in the North West is interested my boyfriend's Tattoo Studio are offering lucky/unlucky 13 tattoos for £13 on Friday for one time only. It's Tashi Design in Burnage, Manchester. I'm quite tempted myself!


  1. i like this outfit! and the collar is so amazing! i need to make something like this too! :]

  2. Lovely outfit! And argh, wish I still lived in Preston so I could get a tatt!

  3. That bra! (Thank you for your kind advice on my last post, it's so nice to hear from someone who's been in the same position and come out the other side successfully!)

  4. What's that bra called? I love it!

  5. I'm not quite sure what the bra is called but it's sold out on the Topshop website now :(