Monday, 28 November 2011

What I wore #5

I'm sorry for the lack of blog posts recently I've been very busy with work and sorting out things for the flat. This weekend we went furniture shopping, Jay's parents took us to this amazing second hand furniture shop which was full of gorgeous old pieces of wood furniture but at ridiculously cheap prices. Unfortunately we came back empty handed because although there was so much stuff we only went for quite specific things. Had we had a bigger flat to fill I think we would have come back with a lot of stuff. I'm mainly on the hunt for a chest of drawers and dressing table for the bedroom but any reasonable priced ones that I've seen on Ebay seem to be miles away which is a shame. We are very close to finishing the painting now, there is just a few more things to be done and we will be ready to move in. This is the outfit I wore to go shopping on Saturday.

Black Top- All Saints, Grey high waisted skirt- H&M, Tie dye leggings- Ebay, Black wedge boots- Ebay, Necklace- Sacré Coeur, Headband- Topshop.

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