Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Crystal Necklaces

I've seen these crystal necklaces floating around on the internet for a while and like lots of things, the more I see them the more they grow on me. I like the idea of wearing a few together as they are displayed below. When I first searched for them I couldn't find them anywhere as not many high street shops stock them with the acception of a few over priced ones on Urban Outfitters. I eventually ended up on Etsy and if you search for "bullet Crystal" pages and pages come up. It's too hard to pick which ones I like best! I think I might put them on my Christmas list. What is going on your Christmas list this year?


  1. I used to have a gorgeous crystal necklace when I was about 16/17 but then the chain broke one night without me noticing and I lost it forever :(

    Crystal necklaces are in abundance in Glastonbury, my home town!

    I have some anatomical pieces of jewellery on my Christmas list this year! xxx

  2. Om nom nom. My christmas list contains way too many items this year...

  3. Just discovered your blog, I'm totally following, loved your style aesthetic!

    oh, I lust soooo much over these crystal jewels <333

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