Friday, 11 November 2011

Bedroom Inspirations

I have been keeping it to myself (while Jay goes around telling anyone who will listen), that this time next week I will be the proud owner of my own flat. It has been on the cards for a long time and after two buys fell through early on in the year I was getting doubtful that buying a flat was even the right decision. This little flat, that we were looking at buying last time came up again at a reduced price and we decided to take the leap and go for it. This was actually a few months ago now and even though we were told the exchange would happen quickly it has dragged on for weeks.

No matter how many pretty interior pictures came up on my Tumblr dash I have been pushing the whole thing out of my mind because I was frightened that it wouldn't happen again and I might jinx it. So now it's a week until we get the keys and I haven't really made a great deal of plans. We know that we are getting a burnt red chesterfield sofa kindly donated to us by the tattoo studio Jay works for, which I am incredibly excited about. We also have some dark furniture to go in the lounge so this is probably going to mean we have a dark colour scheme in the lounge and a light colour scheme in the bedroom. We are also just going to paint the whole place white to begin with as it is quite a small space.

Now my head is once again filled with colour, wardrobe solutions, dressing tables, funrniture suites, rugs and household accessories. My main worry is that there won't be enough space for my ever growing wardrobe and mountain of possessions. There is a large cupboard that we're going to be using as a closet but I really need to find a chest of drawers and a few other space saving solutions.

I've started gathering images for some ideas on how we can decorate the flat, we're on a tight budget but I think there is plenty of affordable ways to make a small space look beautiful. I've got a feeling that all my antique and vintage style furniture and accessories are probably going to close the space down more than modern, simple funrniture would but then again I love to break the rules. So here is some of my bedroom inspirations.

Also if anyone knows of some good interior blogs please link me as I'd love some more sources of inspiration.


  1. Congrats on your own apartment! Love the inspiration photos you posted ♥ I'm in the middle of redecorating my place, so keep those awesome pics coming so I can be inspired as well :D

  2. I don't look at a lot of interior design websites so I'm not much of any help.. :(
    I do know that there's this website called seakettle ( that has cute DIY stuff. Just click the decor & furniture categories. Not much, but that's the only one I know. :(

    Also, nice lighting in a room is a fantastic idea. I have fairy lights in my room and it can completely change a room's mood!

    Good luck and congrats on getting a flat of your own! xo

  3. these are amazing. i love the first pic