Sunday, 13 November 2011

November the 5th

After taking my camera to the shop and having it looked at they said to have other go with it to check that the fault with the last roll of film haven't been because I loaded the film incorrently.

So I took my camera out again last weekend on November the 5th to have another go. It's sort of a family tradition to go to my aunts beautiful large house for this as her big garden is the best place for a fire. Fireworks, bonfire, treacle toffee and an unlimited amount of beer made it a lovely night.

I think these pictures are fairly in conclusive because although most of them haven't come out, I was very drunk so it's hard to say whether the fault was the camera or mine. There are a few things that do suggest the camera might be broken, the last 6 or so pictures me and Jay took yesterday weren't there and some of them show two separate pictures across one frame.

Even though they came out very dark I quite like them this way. I'm probably going to have to waste another film to discover the truth. It's a shame though because this week's 'What I wore' pictures are no more.

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  1. my boyfriends from england and we plan to go their for my first winter christmas next year. i can't wait to be in old english houses, they are fucking amazing!! downside of living in new zealand is there is no really old buildings