Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Bizarre Winter Ball 2010

I'm getting really excited for Halloween TG in a few weeks time. It's so much fun planning my outfit, hair style and make up.

This time last year the Fetish Ball I went to was Bizarre Ball in Manchester and I absolutely loved my outfit. It was designed by me and made by Annabelle at Violaceous Latex Me and Stacey hot on the antler trend decided to make some ourselves and I thought it was really cool that we all ended up wearing a pair.

Here's a few pictures of the night.

For TG later this month I've also miraculously managed to organise all my friends into the same hotel so we can all get ready together and get a taxi to the venue. Some of us are also catching the bus down from Manchester  and will be spending some time chilling in London on Saturday and Sunday. I really want to take Jay to Soho to the sex shops and cocktail bars. I'll post my London 'To do' list at some point later on.