Thursday, 6 October 2011

No I'm not free tonight I'm washing my hair

Basically in a relatively short space of time I have destroyed my hair. Too much bleach, too much backcombing not enough caring. I have always been lucky to have naturally very thick dark hair. However not at all content with that I've always attempted to get away from just having normal hair. Those out there that have almost black hair which is also very resilient will know that it is not easy to change the colour of your hair from a very dark colour to even a mid colour let alone a light colour.

No I didn't listen to my hairdresser who said if I bleached my hair anymore it would fall out, I went ahead and did it anyway.

Anyway a few weeks ago when it started falling out, I knew I had done it, gone one step to far. No matter how much everybody just said I was being paranoid I knew it wasn't normal. Now I'm left with a very dry, frizzled mess. Even though I had two inches cut off it the end two weeks ago the ends are still horrific.

I usually leave my hair unwashed for a week allowing it to get messy and tangled in a grungy sort of way but now my hair is so dry and brittle that brushing out this sorry mess is even harder and more damaging that it was before.

This is my backcombed, unwashed, dry, knotted hair just before I attempt to detangle it. This job usually takes me a good hour. Add that to washing, drying and styling and you've got a full night. So yes I'm not lying when I say I'm busy because I'm washing my hair.

So I can a) have my hair cut short or b) dye my hair black these are the options. 


  1. I'm lucky that I managed to get my hair back to healthy in the nick of time, but now I want to fuck it up again. I always think I should just shave it and buy wigs, any hair you want, and no damage. I'd say maybe you could cut it short and use those mega conditioning treatments like everyday, but even then you might have to dye it black. To be honest you could pull off any hair style! :) x

  2. Thank you I really do appreciate you saying that :). I'm hoping I can hold out from dying it a normal colour a little while longer. I know that it would only be a matter of time before i got fed up of black! x

  3. Awh no problem! And yeah I know what you mean, it's only so long I can handle having a "regular" hair colour. Hey, did I see your from Manchester? That's where I'm living at the moment. :) x

  4. Yep I'm from Manchester I should be moving to fallowfield soon. Where abouts are u living? X

  5. Ah, my boyfriend used to live in Withington which is right by fallowfield. I live in the Greenquarter which is by Victoria. :) x

  6. I think if you try not to backcomb it every day and use hot oil treatments it does improve slightly, I always feel better about mine when I do this. Tbh you will probably end up dyeing it back to black at some point but I think you should definitely give turquoise a go first as black is hard to bleach out. xx