Tuesday, 4 October 2011

What I wore #2

Me and Jay sadly missed the sunshine on Saturday because we were helping paint the new tattoo studio his work are moving to. It's starting to look really cool and it was a great opportunity to meet the rest of the people he works with that I hadn't met before. I painted one wall white and another wall blue. It still seems like there is still a few more coats needed before it is complete.

The plan was that it was suppose to be still sunny on Sunday so we could go and sit in the park and feel the last of our somewhat miserable summer. However when we awoke the sky was full of grey clouds. Not wanting to be put off by the weather we still went for a leafy walk and an bit of an explore near to my house. Even if we did get a little bit rained on and I kind of regretted wearing my new dress out.

 I spotted this cute dress a few weeks ago on Tumblr and desperately wanted it. Lucky for me I miraculously managed to track it down in my size on Ebay and picked it up for a bargain price. My wardrobe seems to be filling with one pretty little dress after another, it's so much easier in the morning to grab a dress rather than having to figure out a whole outfit.

Stripy bow- Present from Hong Kong, Necklace- All Saints, Polka dot tights- Camden, Boots- Swear

The passageway that we decided to go and investigate actually runs down the back of BAE systems a company that (I think) builds military aircraft and as we were walking out of the passage way we spotted a 4x4 coming to investigate us. We were walking in the opposite direction by this point so I think they realized we weren't spies and disappeared.


I'm appreciating this hair colour while I have it as I'm probably not going to keep it for too much longer. I hoping that my hair is almost light enough to dye turquoise over the top, what do you recon? 


  1. I think it will turn out dark purple, if you use turquoise without bleaching, but have a try.

  2. I think you might be right to be honest. It is a bit more washed out now but I don't hold high hopes. Unfortunately my hair just can't take being bleached again so Ill probably just have to have it a darker blue if it doesn't work. Thanks for your opinion. x

  3. Even if it turned out dark purple it would be gorgeous! &the area you were walking around looks amazing, like somewhere you could explore. :)

  4. so cute bow! :D you look pretty! :]

  5. I totally adore your hairstyle.

  6. Oh my your hair! I love it :) btw, awesome blog! followed you <3