Thursday, 11 August 2011

Leather Jacket Inspiration

I've been wanting to get a leather jacket and customise it with spikes for ages and ages but not matter how hard I search I can't find a reasonably priced jacket that I like the shape and details of to start off with. So in the mean time, here's loads of bits and pieces of inspiration I've collected. I'm not going to totally over load it with spikes like some of these, but a few patches and chains might be pretty.


  1. These are all killer! I have about 5 totally different leather jackets that I love, but my fav by far is one I covered in crystals and studs. Good luck finding your perfect canvas!

  2. my leather jacket looks a little bit like the first. i'm a punk, so that's not so special. (:

  3. heck yes! love me some leather and spikes! x