Monday, 15 August 2011

Fairy lights & Photo Shoots

Wow what an amazing weekend I didn't really stop start to finish. Here's a little break down.

Friday night- Went out for a family meal for Sophie's 21st birthday.

Saturday day- Me and Jay had a dash round the Trafford Center to get last minute things for the party.

Saturday night- Sophie's 21st birthday party in the garden with bouncy castle, tents, sound system, fairy lights and bonfire, it was pretty much a mini festival in the garden. Each of us (sisters) had a little group of mates and it was really nice to see everyone interacting with each other any partying together. I was on a one woman mission to finish a bottle of red wine to myself and by the time everyone had arrived I was already merrily dancing around to dubstep. As the night got colder and darker we crammed our chairs round the bonfire and all chilled together. 

Sunday day- Got up early (and hungover) and shoot Stacey's look book for the new Eustratia collection and the necklaces we co-designed. Me Stacey and Helen Storey (Jay's georgoues sister) modelled with Toria Brightside behind the camera and make up artist Suzy Clarke.

Sunday night- We all got wrapped up and went back out to the fire, me, Jay, Soph, Erik, Charlie, Dad & Gorden just had a few beers & moved speakers outside and took it in turns to pick tunes. I went to bed early but woke up when Jay came in at 2.00am to hear how him and Erik got chased by security guards around the golf course behind my house.

I have loads of pictures from the party but I'm waiting for other people to put up their pictures because there was a few SLRs with pictures of way better quality than mine but here's a picture I took of my make up.

Hair by Stacey & Make up by Suzy Clarke

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