Sunday, 7 August 2011

A happy shoes day

Yesterday after a night out me and Jay ventured into Manchester to the Arndale so I could pick up my bag. We stumbled across this amazing shop which was selling the most lush shoes ever. Jay took one look at my face and realized I was going to be in there a while and disappear to get coffee. I sat and tried on about 20 pairs. I ended up leaving with three pairs, two for me and one for my friend.

These are the ones I got 

I want to go back and buy more already. A happy shoes day had for all!


  1. Your shoes are to die for! Really enjoy your blog too :D

  2. Those shoes are absolutely gorgeous! I wanna see the pair you got for your friend!

    Love the tights! xxx

  3. OMG those pink shoes are so killer!!!!! I have to ask, how much were they??

  4. oh god, i love these shoes! so pretty :))