Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Festival Packing list

1.) One Large Bag- Iron Fist

2.) Studded Wellies- Ebay

3.) Waterproof Jacket- Topshop

4.) Vests and Tee's- 


5.) Bra top (feeling lucky?)- Ann Summers

6.) Inappropriate Leggings- Lip Service

7.) Tights-

8.) Knee Socks-

9.) One very comfy looking chair- Amazon
(no I didn't actually end up spending £55 on a chair)

10.) Shorts- Topshop

11.) Casual Dresses-

I'm going to have a last dash round Trafford Center tonight to make sure I've covered everything, then I'm going to spent 4 hours putting my dreads in tonight, then packing and then I'm set to go! Just wish the weather would stop being so rainy. Download here I come!


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  2. Make sure you don't forget your sunglasses! :)
    Hope you have fun

    (Sorry I sometimes delete comments, I make loads of typos, don't check and feel stupid ha ha)

  3. Have a good time! :)
    Love the top!