Monday, 6 June 2011

A Surreal Saturday

On Saturday I was involved in a very exciting utterly magical photo shoot with my friend Stacey (Biomechanina) for Eustratia shot by photographer Toria Brightside. The concept for the photo shoot was to move furniture, pictures, mirrors and hat stands into the forest to create something very surreal. When I first walked into the clearing to see a mixture of mine and Stacey's furniture set up like an victorian lounge I couldn't really believe my eyes! Originally it wasn't quite such a crazy idea when we thought you could walk from the road down to the Forrest in about 100m. I got a call from Stacey to say that they had tried to access the road and were told it was private. This meant that a different entrance to the forest had to be used that just happened to be a nettle ridden footpath that was about a half of a mile long. By the time I got there most the work was done but we still had Toria's lights to lug down this footpath, I don't think me and Toria hadn't anticipated how long or how many nettles there actually were!

We had a fab time and were very lucky that no dog walkers pasted us while me and stacey were prancing around in latex tops and pants. I'm incredibly excited to see the pictures, this was definitely a very special photo shoot and it could even be used as part of an editorial. Here's just a few pictures to give you a glimpse of what it was like, I don't want to put to many up because I don’t want to take away from the final images.

Hair and Make Up For the Shoot

Stacey doing make up

Pretty Eustratia Latex

Forest picnic

The Whole Set

Later on that night an exhausted me and Jay picked up our bodies and went to Punx Inna Jungle. The night was both touching and extremely enjoyable. It was put on originally by and now in memory of Pingu.

I was very flattered by the amount of people who came up to me and commented on how nice they thought my pictures are, it was lovely. It was good to get out an socialise and it made me wish that the move to Fallowfield was closer.

I'm definitely Feeling the affect of a few too many nights out and carrying things. I need a lot of sleep before I go to Download and I'm not sure it's going to happen!

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