Tuesday, 14 June 2011


Just arrived back from download, I had the nicest bath and shower in the whole world, it feels good to be clean again!

Having never been to an out door festival with camping before, I had very little idea what to expect. When we first arrived on Wednesday, once we had traipsed back and two from the car and set up our campsite, we had our first lashing of rain. Within about two hours of me being there, all I could think was, "I'd really like to be indoors now." but my mind quickly changed and by the end of the day I was used to being outside.

As the first day came to an end, and the four of us in our group huddled in a circle in our chairs, I felt like I was starting to feel the festival spirt. We were camped just behind the out door cinema and fair ground and could see all coloured lights flashing in the night sky. People all around were already hammered from drinking all day and merry campers were singing and cheering all around. 

After a few days of camping, I even managed to get used to the annoying trips back and to from the toilet and mastered the art of holding my nose. Jay's tent was so warm and cosy that at night with all the covers and blankets I felt like we did escape from the outdoors a little bit.

Outfit day 2

Outfit Day 3

Outfit day 4 (you can see by this point practicality had set in)

I was having such a good time enjoying partying and taking in the festival sprit that I didn't think it would get much better but on the Friday when the bands started, me and Jay poured into the main arena and I could believe how many masses of people were there. I don't think it really dawned on me just how massive the whole thing was. I felt like watching the bands was just like when you watch festivals on TV but taking in the surroundings and other peoples reactions to the music just made it so much better.

The first few bands we watched, CKY and Puddle of Mud we were quite far out and just listened to the music and watched the screens. For Anti Flag we were much closer in and I loved the atmosphere and excitement from the crowd just buzzing off the music and the band had so much energy and sounded so loud. 

The best band of the Friday for me was definitely Pendulum. We watched Korn before (who were also pretty good) and when they came off stage while everyone was moving out me and jay moved right into the middle at the front. We waited for 45 minutes and watched one massive set being built. When the lights finally started I could believe my eyes the light show was like nothing I've ever seen before. The whole crowd was dancing and the sound was mind blowing.

Other memorable bands of the weekend were System Of A Down (by far the best live act of the weekend), Down and Linkin' Park. We unfortunately missed quite a few of the bands we wanted to see on the Sunday because we just couldn't hack standing in the rain all day so waited until later to see the headliners instead. 

Here's some of my favourite pictures from the weekend.

Campsite 2nd night

Waiting for Puddle Of Mud

One of the rare sunny moments

At the tent

Crowds emerging after System Of A Down

At the end of the rainbow

Freezing and wet but watching Linkin' Park

The Campsite

I had some unbelievable moments that I will never forget, saw so breath taking views and heard some amazing music. I think I've definitely caught the festival bug, I'm already trying to work out a way we can go to Sonisphere even thought it will be a 6 hour drive away, at least the weather might be a bit nicer! I've had so many crazy weekends this year already but I think this might be one to top them all, can't wait for the rest of the Summer I'm sure there's more to come.

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