Tuesday, 20 May 2014

We come in peace

All Images by Natalie Rose Wilde

Alien Crop Top- Syd & Mallory
Metallic Trousers- BDG @ Urban Outfitters

Natalie and I shot this set in my parents back garden. They were sat in the lounge watching tv with us in the background running around. I really like this crop top from syd and mallory it's not my usual style but its seen its way into my outfits quite a lot recently. It's so annoying I'm not allowed to wear crop tops to work as it means Im restricted to wearing things like this at the weekend. 

Loads of mega exciting things coming up in the next few weeks starting with the great British tattoo convention this weekend in London with Vauhaus.


  1. you look amazing! I love the outfit, especially the top! Also, just wanted to say a massive thank you for the varsity jacket I won - it arrived a little while ago and I adore it so thank you so much! xx


  2. OMG I fxcking love your top !

    Saskia! xo

  3. Haha you and Natalie sound like me and my friend. We mostly shoot at her house and we often rearrange all the furniture to get the backgrounds that we want. I love these night shots, theyre so amazing and go so well with the tone of the outfit. The alien crop is so sick!


  4. I want that top! It's so cool! I love your hair as well :) <3


  5. Amazing style. I love your blog <3