Thursday, 22 May 2014

I vomit magic

Images By Jennifer Byron

Magick Vest- Disturbia*
Bordom Snapback- Disturbia*
Leggings- Ebay
Trainers- Hood Boyz*

Disturbia are probably the best clothing label ever. I was thrilled to bits to collaborate with a brand I admire so much. They are an alternative brand that has gained massive popularity. Adorning the likes of Axl Rose and Slash they are known for eye catching illustrative graphic prints. I remember watching a filmed Photoshop session from the Hammer collection and being absolutely blown away. These are some of my favorite things from the website. I wasn't sure if I'd suit the snapback but I'm actually pretty obsessed with it now. I have another look to post which I will be rocking at the great Britsh Tattoo Convention this weekend. I've also got the all seeing backpack with I was hoping to pack all my things in although it's looking a little ambitious (the two pairs of shoes are what's letting me down). So thanks to Disturbia for being absolutely amazing.

Hoodboyz from Germany Kindly gave me some credit to spend in their store which I was really pleased about as I've been thinking of getting a pair of trainers for a while. They stock a large range of sportswear at really good value and definitely seem to price things a bit less that the UK high street.

I've been rushing around the past few days getting all my things ready for London. I was hoping to pack really light this time as it was a bit of an inconvenience dragging round a huge suitcase at fashion week. I may have been a little optimistic thinking everything would fit in a backpack. I may have to take a second bag.

I will be at the Great British Tattoo Convention all weekend so if you seem me. Come say hi!


  1. such a cool outfit <3 that top is awesome :)

  2. you have always a super look !

  3. Love your top !
    Saskia! xo

  4. Your outfits always look so great! You've got such a good style! <3