Sunday, 28 July 2013

Take me back to Greece

We will have been back from Greece 3 weeks tomorrow and I still cannot quite get my head round reality. Greece is a beautiful country where all your troubles are truly left behind. I honestly believe I could visit again and again and never get bored. We always have the extra advantage of going with my friend Stacey who was brought up in Thessaloniki. I feel because of this we always have a more authentic Greek experience. This time I even managed to learn a few phrases and to count to 10. 

The food is something that has definitely had a lasting impact on me. With my recent attempts at eating more healthily I felt like I tried a lot more new things this time and since we have been back we have cooked so many Greek inspired dishes. 

I'm sorry there are so many pictures in this post. Anybody that has me on Facebook will know that there are even more than this. I really struggled to pick out my favorites. I'm feeling more inspired than ever to take pictures. Next week I'm going on holiday with my family and Jay to Germany for my Nana's 85th birthday party. (I know how lucky am I?! Two holidays in a month.) I cannot wait to practice my photography more. I've even bought a rangefinder camera. I have no idea how to use it. All I know it that its a Rollei Rolleimat F and it was made between 1979- 1981 and it as a flash and self timer. 

Every time I look through these pictures I get a pang of sadness that we're not still there. I hope that we will have many more adventure in Greece. 


  1. Hello :) I do like your page a lot and really glad whenever i see your posts but when i saw about your trip in Greece i was like, i have to write a comment. I am so glad you had a good time in Greece. You visited Thessaloniki, which is my town and i recognised it from the first picture :$ I wish for you and your friends to come again and to have even more great time :) There are so many places in Greece to visit and i hope you will able to see them all :) Take care!

    1. I love Greece very much! I'm very envious of all the people that live there!