Monday, 18 March 2013

My Place

I've had these images for a while now and we have made a few changes to the flat since then but I wanted to share them all the same. It is a very small space but I really do believe a small space can still be beautiful and I think that it still very much represents mine and Jay's style. We are looking to move again hopefully some point this year as the practically issue of the space is starting to get to us (my shoes are overtaking our closet). I'd love to be able to find a terrance house somewhere that might be in our budget as having an outdoor space is really important to us. One thing that is high up on my interiors wish list is a cow hide rug. It's something that me and Jay have been debating over for a while. Jay is vegetarian and I'm not totally sure where I stand on the issue myself but having a £200+ price tag has put it on the back burner for now at least. We also appear to be collecting plants I think we have bought a new one or two every single time we've been to Ikea.

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  1. how gorgeous! you've really made the place look lovely!
    i love the little set up in your last picture especially.
    you have a great blog and you also have one new follower :)
    hope you're well,