Tuesday, 5 February 2013

The extended absence

As I predicted my job eventually became too intense to continue with my blog as well. Working in the fashion industry can be great fun but it is also very demanding. I moved onto the jersey team which was great for me because it meant doing a lot more interesting graphics but it also meant much more work. I'm often expected to arrive early and almost every night I'm expected to work late sometimes up to 3 hours after I'm suppose to finish. This meant that I had very little time left to work on my blog and it's difficult to feel excited about doing it when I'm just tired and wanting to chill.

More recently I've had a bit of a quiet period at work and that meant I started reading lots of blog not just fashion ones, but interiors and lifestyle and beauty blogs. I've started feeling a bit more inspired again and reading so many blogs just made me miss doing mine. My boyfriend Jay has also started working a lot at weekends which means I'm often at a bit of a loose end for what to do. I also got an cannon SLR for christmas which I am simply dying to use. So all this has kind of lend me to decide to start blogging again. My posts may not be as regular as they used to be and it's quite likely there'll be some quiet periods when my job gets super busy again but the main thing is I'm going to give it a go. I've got loads of ideas for things I want to post and most of all I want to do more outfit posts as I really enjoy looking back on these to see how my style has progressed. 

I'm going to do a few catch up blogs with bits and pieces I've done in the last few months. Along with plenty of new features. So stay tuned. 

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