Thursday, 31 May 2012

New things and Shopping update

Over the past few weeks I've accumulated a few new items which I thought I would share. I somehow managed to run out of money at the end of last month through too much spending and not enough budgeting so the second I got paid I had pretty much pre-planed everything that I wanted to buy and now I think I'm all out till next month. I have started buying bits and piece for when I go on holiday which is deifnitely a good thing.

I got this dress from Urban outfitters which I completely love but its not very easy to wear because it's really long draping fabric which trails along the floor, I may have to figure out a way to alter it. 

These shoes I got in the sale in Urban Outfitters and they are so perfect it's untrue. Although I had a bit of a comedy moment when wore them for the first time today and tripped up and threw a whole cup of coffee in the air. I definitely need to practice walking in them as it's been a while since I wore platforms.

I also got these in the sale at Urban Outfitters. I got them with my holiday in mind although since the weather in the Uk has been a so warm I've actually worn them nearly everyday since I got them.

This is my new little grunge dress which i mentioned in my last post. I love it, it's definitely getting worn at the weekend.

This week I also had a little shopping trip in the Trafford Centre although I did more browsing that buying!

The boy London display in Selfridges. I've decided I'm desparate for a pair of their leggings but they have now become impossible to track down. There was a pair on eBay but they ended up going for £90!

I also tried on this leather jacket in Zara which I came very close to buying although I concluded that it wasn't worth it for the money.

I also tried on this denim playsuit from Miss Selfridge but I decided it was a bit pricey at £40

While I was out I also picked up a few new accessories, I got the rosmary beads and these massive heart earrings from River Island and the black cuff from H&M.


  1. great post. love all of your finds especially the first dress, black wedges, and the grunge dress. you have such a great figure!

    xx rae <3

  2. oh i love your 'grunge-dress' *__* you look perfect!


  3. That first dress is perfect! x

  4. omg, please... tell me where did u get that dress!!! <3 been searching but your it's just FML.

  5. perfect outfits.

  6. you are so cool, I follow your blog. and you have to facebook? My name Helen