Friday, 25 May 2012

The little grunge dress

I've got a new obsession with little grunge dresses. I've always loved having a wardrobe full of little dresses which are really easy to wear. Courtney Love made ripped vintage baby doll dresses famous in the 90' and they are all over Tumblr again. Now they are in fashion they seem to be everywhere. I bought a new vintage floral one last week and I can't wait for it to arrive. Etsy is another good place for tracking down vintage 90's dresses, although there is so many pages of them you have to have a proper search through to find the good ones.

I tracked down a few different grunge style dresses below from a mixed of high street and vintage online stores.

Since it's been so hot in the UK this week I've certainly noticed how lacking my summer wardrobe is, I'm definitely going to have to sort this out before I got on holiday in june. Some pretty summery dresses like these would be perfect.

1. Floral dress £48-
2. Lace panel dress £36-
3. Denim sundress £40-
4. Lace baby doll dress £30-
5. Dark check midi dress £20-
6. Grey acid splash dress £28-

6. Ombre Dress £14.99-
7. Crucifix dress £28-
8. White lace dress £16.37-
9. Blurred cross dress £15.99-
10. Floral lace dress £19.65-
11. Pink lace dress £35-


  1. The lace panel dress from topshop is fookin' gorgeous! x

  2. Loving this post. I really like your blogging style. 7 & 3 are my favs for sure. x

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