Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The Birds Yard Party

The Birds Yard is situated in the city center in Leeds conveniently (or inconveniently for us) right behind the mega bus stop at 83 Kirkgate, Leeds. It is three floors of design, vintage, and independent boutiques. It has a feel similar to Afflecks Palace in Manchester. There were flyers, photographs and jewelry hung on every wall along with shabby chic lamps and vintage chairs with pretty cushions in every corner.

There was free crisps, snacks and drinks and when a big pile of Dominos pizza arrived the four of us (Stacey, Rik, Jay and I) tucked in it disappeared pretty fast.

On the ground floor there was the vintage section with rack after rack of long vintage dresses varying from different time periods everything in this section was 50% off and I came close to buying a few things.

One of my favourite shops was Lisa Jayne Dann a designer on the top floor. She recently won "Leeds Independent Retail Awards" designer of the year. I was disappointed that my film had run out by this point as the boutique was beautifully decorated with decadent furniture and black horses heads on the wall. I tried a few things on, an oversized pink lace dress and peach vintage style flared cami. Both were beautiful but just not quite me. She also stocked a number of steampunk style coats with large puffed sleeves in brown and black velvet fabric which were gorgeous.

My outfit- My favourite dress- All Saints, striped blazer- H&M, pink lace body- Ebay, panel leggings- Lip service, bag- Restyle, fetish necklace- Eustratia.

Even the shop outside had a vintage feel, painted in a lovely pale green colour contrasting with the brickwork.

Vintage nik-naks

Lilly and her 'slag' necklace

There was the most lush black lace dress in the window with soft grey ruffles at the hem

The vintage section. There was a few gorgeous sequin bags, I might have got one if there had been one in white. There was also lovely box hats and multi-coloured head scarfs.

Toria Browsing vintage treasures.

Pastel coloured hair and Lilly.

I Finally got my Vintage Train Case and got it for an amazing price. I just can't wait to take it to  London I don't care how impractical it is.

I'm still getting to grips with my camera. I think with film I'm trying to make every shot look stylish as with my digital camera, I tend to take pictures in quantity and then pick out the best ones, but this isn't so good with film with limited exposures on a film and the cost of processing. I think my expectations are always too high and I have to accept that sometimes not every shot is going to come out, at least not until I get the hang of aperture and shutter speed. I also still keep a certain amount of control over digital pictures, a lot of the pictures I take are heavily edited to change colours and backgrounds where as this is less possible with film. My pictures of Jay are usually the ones that come out the best oddly enough, maybe that is just because he's so pretty <3.


  1. ohh! i love your outfit! your dress is sooo beautiful... *__* (and i want your bag!! >_<) :D

  2. how do you make your hair like thant? <3 so pin up but trash version!!!

  3. The messy bit is just from leaving my hair to get messy over a few days, I just pin it up. and the roll just takes practic really :) xx