Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Behind the scenes for Alt Fashion

On Sunday morning we got up at an ungodly hour in the morning to set off for a very eventful day in Leeds. Along with some Spinnerette tunes and some moody boyfriends we headed up the motorway and arrived at Toria's at 9.30am to be greeted with tea and coffee. Time was tight as Toria was also throwing a party at the Bird's Yard shop in Leeds later on in the day. So we started on hair and make up the second we got through the door. Styling and clothing for the shoot was provided by Eustratia and you can read more about the preparations for the shoot on Stacey's blog here.

Me and Victoria had customized black wigs while Stacey and Betty had backcombed quiffs with long extensions. The clothing for the shoot was dark latex with hints of wire mesh and chainmail this was contrasted with feminine details like latex bows and flowers and delicate necklaces.

The shoot was influenced by Ellen Rogers a phototgrapher that creates absolutely breathtaking dark imagery which is entirely analogue and completely unedited. I've seen her images floating round the internet and if you haven't checked out her work you really should do.

The unpredictable British weather was drizzly and miserable which meant the original location had to be changed so we ended up shooting in the courtyard at the Birds Yard Shop. We did still get a little bit rained on but we shoot half under cover, which meant we also got varying amounts of light in the pictures too. There was a gorgeous chesterfield sofa which was quite 'weathered' and was elegantly ripped here and there and lended itself well to the style of the shoot.

I really can't wait to see the result of the shoot which will be published in Alternative Fashion Magazine in December. Here is a few shoots from my film camera to give you an idea of the location and the outfits.

My look for the shoot

Miss Stacey Black (Biomechanina)

Photographer Toria Brightside

Betty La Wren was called in at last minute due to poor Helen being unwell and did an amazing job filling in. Particularly as it was her very first shoot, she was a complete natural.

Beautiful Victoria-B 

A peek of the chesterfield sofa in the background

Rain and latex and the odd wind made it a bit of a chilly morning.

After the shoot was done (in record breaking time as usual) we had a quick change at Toria's before heading back over to the Bird's yard shop for the student party with a whopping 50% discount. This I will continue onto in a separate post.


  1. Wonderfull outfits!!!! Wonderfull shooting!!! wonderfull Models!!!!


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