Thursday, 22 September 2011

The Vintage Train Case

Last night was the rhythm & Rags Charity Fashion Show in Chester. It was a lovely night I thoroughly enjoyed it and I appreciated being a part of it. I will write a full blog about the night when I manage to track down some pictures, I unfortunately neglected to take any myself.

While I was there I spotted this gorgeous round vintage suitcase which was carrying accessories lent to the event by Bird's Yard in Leeds. It has been a long ambition of mine to track down one of these vintage train cases. I've come to realise that they were an American fashion and so are fairly hard to come by in the UK. I have several smaller vintage vanity cases including the one below but not a large one, which I have been after ever since I first saw Susan's case in Desperately Seeking Susan. I am totally in love with that film. I think the idea that Susan would travel around and keep all her possessions in that one case really appealed to me. I used to think that would be the best life ever. I still love packing all my stuff up and going on adventures.

A case similar to the one I saw last night

Vintage vanity case I picked up on Ebay a while ago

The case that Susan (played by Madonna) had in Desperately Seeking Susan. I also looked into getting a vintage drum case that Jay was then going to paint with skulls for me, which would have looked pretty damn cool.

I've also spotted a few cool ones online although most of these are from America and as they are so big only ship to America. Click the picture to get to the source.

I as impractical as these probably are to carry around I really want to get one for when I got on my trip to London. Just waiting to find out the price of the one in Leeds. I think secretly it's just so that I can feel like I'm in a black and white film.

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  1. Coo, I too loved the case in DSS. I always thought it was a drum case- being so large, then- well I have a fairly large one like this which I always thought was a hatbox or something.
    Aaaanyhoos, I actually did a steamer trunk in homage to Madonna`s case- if I still have photographic evidence, I will link you.
    I always wanted to use a hard guitar case as a suitcase. Throws people off the scent- and looks damn cool to boot! :)
    Good blog- keep it up!