Thursday, 15 September 2011


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Check out my friends new blog Aesthetic Contradiction where you can find ramblings, inspiration and style tips from Stacey Black. There is only a few things up now but I expect there is great things to come. If you follow my blog I'm sure you will have come across her in my pictures.

I will be modelling in a fashion show next week, Rhythm and Rags in aid of cancer research in Chester. There will also be tons of top stalls selling vintage and designer clothing. Come down and check it out if you can do. Tickets are available here-

I'm also now definitely attending halloween Torture Garden on Saturday the 29th of October if anyone else is going and wants a cheap hotel to stay in let me know. Plans for my outfit, hair and make-up are well underway and I'm very excited. Go and buy some latex from here and here.

If you have a tumblr page or a blog that you think I should be following please comment below :)

I have come to realize that over the past couple of months I have been getting mega lazy. It is a personal trait that  I despise and wish to rid myself of it. I feel as though I have allowed myself to be clouded by negativity and subsequently have not been growing creatively. Being frightened to fail is just not an excuse it's a ridiculous state of mind. So now in the spirt of keeping the energy flowing. I'm a little on motivation overload.

So expect to see more outfit posts, more creative projects and more words.