Saturday, 24 September 2011

Rhythm & Rags

When I arrived at the venue most people had been there since 11 o'clock, and there was evidence of this all over the room, a photographer taking pictures of girls, piles of vintage clothes being rummaged through and signs of half eaten pizza on the table. Toria looked at me with a calm and collection smile as she frantically flicked through some lists. A quick tour of the venue The Laugh Inn, gave me confirmation that it was going to be a great event. Large decadent mirrors, round tables with large fancy lamps and large stage with runway attached.

One  of the things I was particularly looking forward to was getting my hair done by Tony and Guy. Whilst I was sat in the hairdressers waiting I watched girls with long luscious hair getting cascading curls and when it came to me, I pulled all the pins out of my hair and undid my dry, bleached multi shaded purple hair and wondered what they could possibility do. Basically they back combed the center of my hair and slicked back the sides. I felt a little bit unsure of having my candy floss textured hair all stood up on end as it is something I felt quite conscious of at the moment. I however got used to the idea of it and it did look good with the very over the top floor length vintage dresses I got to wear.

By the time I got back from the hairdressers it was getting very close to opening times, all our outfits were arranged on chairs in order ready for the moment, we had a few quick run-throughs before the doors and bar opened. Me and Helen downed a few glasses of wine in preparation. It was lovely to speak to the other models who were all really lovely and excited to be in the event too. One of my favourite parts of the night was definitely laughing and joking in the moments before we went on, there was definitely an air of team spirt. It very much reminded me of the scene in some like it hot where all the girls are getting ready on the train and are, having a laugh and being a bit mischievous for 1929.

The vintage clothes were provided by Blue Velvet Vintage and Bird's Yard and the accessories were provided my good friend from Eustratia.

After we came off the catwalk there was still time left to have a mooch about the vintage & designer stalls and I had a chance to socialise with everybody a bit more. I may have slips up and have a few cigarettes too along with some free cake.

I had a really top night, met lots of stunning girls and wore some gorgeous clothes. I felt more relaxed than ever doing the catwalk and I hope that I get to do some more soon because it was really so much fun and I valued being a part of it.

For more pictures of the night check out Fluke Photography.

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