Tuesday, 30 August 2011

My Anatomy

Another really cool thing I got up to at the weekend was that we went to visit Jay's sister in Leeds. After a night of pizza, beer and gossip we got up the next day and headed to Toria's house to help Helen out with her uni project. Following on from her pervious project based on day on the day of the dead skulls (she did some unbelievable black and white drawings of these) she chose to work on anatomy. Flicking through her research file she picked out some great artists to be inspired by and I even found myself feeling a bit more inspired to draw.

Model- Me
Drawings- Jay Storey
Photographs taken by Jay and edited by me.

Jay drew our insides, muscles and bones on various parts of our bodies, my neck and Helen's hand and ribcage with photographs taken in various stages of detail. The outcome was quite stunning and I actually think I'd rock this as a neck tattoo! I took a few more snaps of the day but again I regret not taking more.

Playing with Toria's Fisheye lens.

 Great bank holiday weekend <3