Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Blue Planet

At the weekend I finally got to go to the Aquarium to see the fish. Me and Jay have been watching Blue Planet the BBC documentaries about sea creatures over the past couple of weeks and this had heightened my want to go and visit the animals themselves. I was most excited about the shark tunnel and seeing Sting Rays which were actually massive.

Since then we've also seen various other documentaries including one about Dolphin and Wales intelligence, one about Great White Sharks and one about Killer Wales.

I really enjoyed being able to see animals that we would never usually get the chance to see but I couldn't help thinking that it would be a whole lot better to see them in their natural habitat. One day I'd really love to go somewhere scuba diving.

Tiger Shark

Pterois antennata

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  1. ooh that`s an awesome aquarium! We went to one on Anglesey at the start of the kids holiday- but it wasn`t a patch on that! (I believe they have a viewing tunnel in the Sea World in Rhyl- but i`ve never been.
    You got some lovely pictures there! loving the blog!