Tuesday, 12 July 2011


I got back from Wakestock at 2.30 on Monday morning. I'm still absolutely knackered, feeling a bit bemused and slightly empty.

When we got there we hadn't brought any ID so without an 18+ wristband we had to join the under 18 queue which was about 400 people long with 3 people at the front of the queue checking every single persons bag for alcohol so we were queuing to get in from 3.00pm till 7.30pm. A total of 3 and a half hours which was still less than some! We didn't get off to a great start and me and Jay were in a pretty terrible mood by the time we got in.

The overall feel of the festival was absolutely shambolic. The festival was made up of mainly testosterone filled 16-18 year old lads who were out to pull. We heard some terrible stories, the worse that one poor girl got raped on the Saturday night. 

We had to queue again every time we wanted to use the shuttle bus, particularly frustrating on the Saturday morning when we had to queue for an hour to get to Abersoch, when we reached the front of the queue the bus that arrived was not a Wakestock shuttle bus but a public bus which charged us £2 despite the fact we had paid £5 for a shuttle bus pass which was not once checked during the weekend.

On the Friday night we saw Chase and Status which was mental, the crowd we going crazy front to back and we could actually bearly see a thing even though the sound was amazing. Other Musical highlights were Modestep, Beardyman (who was unbelievable), Sub focus, Ellie Goulding and The Cribs.

Another of my personal highlights was the crepe I had from one of the food vendors on Sunday. I'm not usually one to make a fuss about food but it was so so yummy. I couldn't decide whether to have a sweet or savoury one but I decided on smoked salmon, spinach and feta cheese, it was out of this world.

I would never return to this festival again it felt unorganised and unsafe, The only thing I would say is hats of to the security and staff who worked at the event, who had to put up with a lot of shit and did there best to sort out all the problems.

The best thing about the whole thing was the beach which really saved the weekend for us the sun shined on Saturday and Sunday and we spend two amazing days soaking up the sun, swimming in the sea and playing in the sand. The views of the sea were breath taking and I don't think I've ever appreciated the beauty of the sea so much. It was really something special watching the beach change over the day the tide coming slowly in, lapping up the sand and coming further and further towards us. We didn't want to leave at night to go back to the festival because we had such a great time in the day.

I took so many good pictures that I found it really hard to pick out the best ones, so here is quite a few!

Campsite 1st day before it became loaded with tents

In Pwllheli watching the wake boarding on the harbour

Chilling on the beach (it was still a bit cloudy on Friday)



In the tent <3

Saturday was much more sunny, Jay even went swimming in the sea

I love this picture so much, it makes me feel happy

Another good one taken by Jay

I think I look a bit wasted here ooops

Such breath taking views


Night time

Sub Focus

In the tent waiting for Jay on the last day

 More sea paddling!

Really liked this outfit, I even got complimented :D

Jay has gone away with his family to Bruges in Belgium for the week so now I'm feeling a little bit lost. I think I'm actually partly really looking forward to having some selfish me time, I'm going to watch black and white films, draw & paint, edit my tumblr, list on Ebay and have baths. I think I need to make myself a do to list so I don't get lazy and end up doing nothing.


  1. Has this festival been existing for some years or was it the first time they organized it?

  2. No it's a wake boarding festival which has been running for a very long time. I went when I was 15 and that was 9 years ago. I think that it used to be quite a small festival and it has just got to big too quickly.

  3. Ah, I'm so tempted to dye my hair pink and seeing yours didn't exactley make it go away.. It looks fo fuckin' delicious!

  4. Arw thank you :). You should go for it. X