Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Think Pink

I'm going to a fancy dress party in a couple of weeks time and guess what I'm going as? Yup a flamingo. The theme is Noah's Arc so I'm trying to talk Jay into also coming as a flamingo as well hahahaha. I made this board because I have far too much time on my hands and I've wanted to make one for ages. I'm going to do some more theme/thought/inspiration/mood boards when I get chance because it was so satisfying doing this one. I don't usually like fancy dress because really I like to have the freedom to wear what I want especially at a party full of strangers but I suppose it's ok once in  a while. I just hope I manage to get everything together in time. I'll post some pictures of my outfit after the party.


  1. Some feathers and ballerina dress would be amazing for sure, hope you can find those somewhere :) I've dreamed about a ballerina dress for ages, I guess some dress party could be the only possible place for me to wear it, having these incredible dancing skills...
    Can I ask how did you find my blog? I just entered yours and I really really like it, with just a glance it is already in my top5 of blogs! You've got a new reader :]

  2. I've got my outfit all sorted now, I bought some of it and sewed some of it myself. Am going to the party at the weekend so I'll put the pictures up after then.

    Thank you so much :). I just saw you following someone else's blog who I read. I'm always looking for new blogs to read. I like the post on your blog with all the pink buildings its really beautiful.