Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Toria Brightside

Last weekend me and Jay made the trip to up Leeds to be photographed by Toria Brightside for her book Promiscuous. I was already pretty excited because I've seen plenty of her pictures before being a good friend of Jay's and they certainly stand out from any other photographer I've met before. 

I actually ended up being in not one but three shoots that weekend, one for Toria's book, one for Violaceous latex which was kindly lent by annabelle for the shoot and one on Sunday which was also for the book. All were completely different particularly the last one which was shot in a gorgeous Edwardian House.

Outfit by Violaceous Latex 'I want Candy' Collection co-designed with Miss Malice.

Getting my eyelashes done by Bev Crawford

I can't decide which picture I love best but  I definitely need to get some printed for the flat walls <3.

Me and Jay had a top weekend. I love meeting creative people who get excited about projects it makes me feel inspired again.

Check out Toria's blog at http://toriabrightside.tumblr.com/
ad more of her photography at http://www.flickr.com/photos/toriabrightside/


  1. You look luscious in these photos! And mint latex?? Where have you been all my life?

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  3. You look amazing, just gorgeous! And your hair is a lovely shade of pink now :)
    Ms Brightside's photography really is something special!

  4. Beautiful <3 you're both so cute.