Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Eustratia TG Fashion Show

Finally came the day of the show. We headed down to London in two cars Me, Jay, Stacey and Rik in one and Stacey's parents, brother Dimitris, Cassi and Dan in the other. We all had an amazing time. and it was an absolute pleasure to be part of the show. It was not without miss haps, models cancelling, music failing and garments ripping but we got there in the end. From what I heard it was a great success. I particularly love all the dancing parts in the middle which certainly set the show apart from others.

Me and Charlotte

Me and Stacey

We had a great time in London and once again got lucky with our hotel room. We had paid to all be in the same room I was expecting it to be really cramped but it was actually like a little flat with an upstairs and a downstairs two double beds upstairs and a single bed and sofa downstairs, am sure you could stay there quite comfortably for a couple of weeks.

All the outfits looked unbelievable and now I'm thinking I really need to get stacey to make me a new outfit for the next club. It was really interesting to see everything altogether on one stage. 

Samantha Stone

Ruby True

Červená Fox

Simona Martini

With my pink extensions after the show, Eustratia waistcoat!

I'm now absolutely shattered and I've still not managed to catch up on sleep from the weekend, so I'm just soldiering on and hoping that the weekend comes quickly.


  1. omg!!! you know simona??? miss maleficent martini?? and you have been performing with her at tg that's so cool!! we've been living together for a long period in london and she's still "my little sister" even if we live far away now!! :)
    loving your blog btw, really rad stuff up here!

  2. I don't know her as such I met her for the first time at TG but she was really lovely and I have admired her dancing for a while!

    Thanks very much I really appreciate you saying that :). I love your blog too, but i haven't worked out how to follow it as yet! xx x