Monday, 17 November 2014

Yes Yellow

Shoes- ASOS

If you're wondering why I look a little bit strange it's probably because I'm wearing gold lipstick. Although I wasn't to sure about how it came out in the pictures I actually like the change from the strong colours I normally wear. With the shimmer in real life it looks a lot less nude. 

I'm really beginning to despair about the pant-top ratio in my wardrobe so this batwing tee was a welcome addition. I seem to have a thing for buying trousers at the moment and I have barely bought a single top in recent months! I particularly come unstuck when I'm dressing for work and realize all my favorite tops are cropped. With the cold weather slowly drawing in I think now is probably the time to start buying woolly jumpers and ponchos which, incase you haven't guessed are not my favorite thing to buy.

River Island is quickly becoming one of my favorite shops. I've resisted buying a parka with a neon yellow fur trim but really I'm just praying it hits the sale.