Tuesday, 4 November 2014


 Images by Richard Ayres

Gold Bralet- Motel Rocks
Chain harness- Ebay
Pants- Loaned by Jessie

This was my outfit for Illuminaughty last weekend. Illuminaughty is a dance event that takes place at the Manchester Academy across all three floors. My friends and I went to celebrate Halloween and had an absolute blast. Large sections of the night are missing from my memory and I'm fairly certain I spent most of the night having in-depth conversations with people in the smoking area. I lost my purse at one point however my friends managed to find it for me after it was handed in. All in all we had a pretty crazy night.

I spend quite a lot of weeks putting together the various bits of my outfit. Most of it came via Ebay. I was particularly pleased with the chain harness and I'm looking forward to finding other ways to wear it. My outfit was loosely based on the Hindu Deity Lakshmi although really I just wanted to wear something that involved a large headpiece and lots of gold.

I really enjoyed having gold glittery eyes I might do this for going out more often. Although three days later and I'm still finding gold glitter in my bed!