Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Ibiza Part 1

Anyone that follows me on social media will know that last week I went to Ibiza with my fellow Vau haus babe Hazel. Hazel invited me to come as she had no one to attend her friends wedding with and I gladly jumped at the opportunity as I was desperate for a bit of sun. Initially I said to Hazel that I wanted to go there to chill out and didn't want to go out partying too much. How wrong I ended up being. We actually ended up partying most nights.

We stayed in San Antonio which Hazel described as the trashy part of Ibiza and I'm inclined to agree although we certainly seemed to be in the thick of things. In the hotel we met up with another of Hazel's friends also staying there for the wedding. Chantelle was a bubble of sunshine to be around and also conveniently a photographer. The first night we went out on the west end, a mix of small bars and clubs on one street. It was absolute carnage with reps trying to persuade you into each of their venues. It certainly started the holiday with a blast. We also met up with another friend Lou, working the season in Cyberdog. 

The wedding was on of the most beautiful I've ever seen the venue looked out onto the sea. Everything felt very relaxed and the decor was all very bohemain. The bride looked absolutely stunning. It was all very emotional even though I'd never met the bride or groom and I felt very lucky to share their day.

My daily ritual was to swim in the sea for a least 20 minutes and to lie in the sun for as long as possible. Hazel took us to a few different beaches. Most were quite busy and you could always spot the ones that had been up since the night before. 

On the Tuesday night, our first night letting loose after the wedding we went to flower power at pacha. I've never been anywhere like it in my life! Although the music was hardly my cup of tea I found myself strangely enjoying feeling like I'd stepped in a time machine back to the 60's. Most the time I didn't even know where to look there were peace and love inspired decorations everywhere, go-go dancers, look-a-likes and even John Lennon appeared a a carried float.

More to come....

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