Wednesday, 4 June 2014

The Great British Tattoo Show Outfit Day 2

Images by Natalie Rose Wilde

All seeing beanie-Disturbia*
Vedder Shirt-Disturbia*
All seeing backpack-Disturbia*

This look is a bit of a migration in style for me. Even though my look is very grungy I'm actually very much a girly girl. Even my Mum was a bit surprised when she saw me in this! I love how my green hair looks against the grey shades and I felt really relaxed wearing this outfit. The vedder shirt from Disturbia is so comfortable to wear and when it got a little bit warmer I took it off and wrapped it round my waist which is another cool way to wear it. 

The backpack also from Disturbia is now my new traveling bag. I'm actually just packing my bags to Berlin for a long weekend and it's going on the plane with me. I always have the issue of not having a big enough bag so it has basically solved all my problems!