Wednesday, 19 February 2014

LFW Outfit Day 1

Vest- Gypsy Warrior 
Jacket- Sample Sale
Skirt- Evil Twin
Shoes- Underground

I got back from London late yesterday and I've just been brimming with excitement for all the possibilities ever since. I met so many cool people and just being around people that are chasing their dreams is incredibly inspiring to me. This was my outfit for the first day. The pictures were taken outside Lucinda's warehouse where we stayed the night before having shot for her label Sanctus in the day. I met her for the first time after chatting over blogspot a few years ago and she was so lovely. Her warehouse and studio were awesome and we had a really fun first night's stay in London. I've got many more fashion week related adventures to share which I will be posting over the next week along with other exciting news. You may have noticed my new hair which I dyed bright green a few days before I left for london last week. I'm absolutely loving it.


  1. Oh man you're so beautiful! I love how you matched your lipstick with your hair <3 Dream look!

  2. Perfect look and style! xx

  3. ahhh I love you and your style! I saw you on the motel rocks blog (I think it was) and was total girl crushing, but had no idea who you were, yay so thanks for commenting on my blog as it's lead me to you and yours. Perfect girl xx