Sunday, 27 October 2013

Whatever weather

PU Sleeve top- H&M- Similar here
Mesh Panel Leggings- Lip Service
Angora Hat- Zara
Shoes- Doc Martens 

My younger sister kindly took these pictures for me during a break in the some what apocalyptic weather we seem to be having in Manchester this weekend. I was in my car on friday and I thought that the lightening was actually going to hit my car it was that close and the rain was like a tropical storm, there was rivers running down the side of the road in minutes of it starting. I know Manchester is known to be rainy but this month has certain been a wetter than avarage month!

This is one of my favorite go-to outfits at the moment. It's a good outfit for all occasions. I'm really feeling at the moment to dress more simply. When I get paid this month I'm planning to buy more basic items. I'd like to develop a capsule wardrobe so that the things I have are more flexible instead of continuing to by statement items that only fit with a few other things.


  1. I love your Doc Martens, such a pretty colour!


  2. pure adoration coming from me

  3. Love the all black outfit, and your hair is amazing!
    Great blog,xx

  4. This look is gorgeous, and so are you!
    Wonderful blog! xx