Saturday, 24 August 2013


It was my Nanas 85th birthday and she was throwing a party to celebrate. Jay, my family and I were all invited over  to Germany. My Nana lives in a tiny village called Weilmuenster where we stayed for the first few days up until the party. We had lots of nice Food and Beer, visited an outdoor swimming pool, a bird park and explored the village and surrounding countryside. We then headed to Koblenz, There was so much variation in the scenery from the small town where my Nana lives to Koblenz, A thriving city on the Rhine. The trip was packed full of adventures and activities. One of my favorite days was spent on a boat trip down the river Rhine. It's a picturesque journey rich with many historical landmarks. Since we've been back I've been enjoying zooming right into all the pictures of the castles to look at the arcitecture and trying to find more stories online about each castle's history.

I'm certainly struggling to adjust back to normal life after having had two amazing holidays in a row. I've been back at work a couple of weeks now and needless to say I've certainly been looking forward to having an extended weekend off work. I've also been thinking up plans for the rest of the year. Yesterday bought tickets to see the Prodigy on a bit of a whim when they went on sale at 9.30am. I'm pretty glad I did as they sold out in about half an hour. I'm looking forward to spending the bank holiday with my friends and family and catching up on life. What's everybody else doing for their bank holiday? 

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