Monday, 30 April 2012

New in Topshop

Last week was pay day so after of a month of poordom of course the first thing I did on Saturday was to get myself down to Topshop to try on their new things. They have some really lovely things in for summer. As soon as you walk into the shop and see all the pastel displays, multicolored flowers everywhere and well styled mannequins it just sucks you into wanting everything. You can tell they have been very influenced by Tumblr, there was cropped unicorn tee's, dyed denim hot pants and studs on everything.

This peace sign top was the first thing I tried on, I think I like it because a couple of months ago I really wanted to design a top exactly like this but I didn't get the opportunity to and now topshop have done it! I think it looks really nice but I'm not really sure it's my style. I might have a think about it...

I love these shorts however I really wanted the ones that were a bit less bright as I think these are a little too colourful for me. They have another pair that are blacks and greys but they don't stock them in store.

I really like the front of this blouse it has a really nice drape to it although the back bit just really confuses me! I think it looks ridiculous it doesn't even have a bit of a curve to it, it just drops straight down, maybe I just don't get it. I also have an All Saints top which is fairly similar to this so it would probably be a bit pointless to have another one.

I have also been growing my natural eyebrows back. I'm still in two minds whether or not I like them as much as my drawn on ones but I decided to hold out for a while as it was a bit of a hassle getting them this far. I've bought a nice eyebrow pencil which makes them look a bit neater and less severe than liquid eyeliner.

This top I actually ended up buying it was £20 and is a dark grey longline tee with a ribcage and floral print. It doesn't fit as perfectly as I would like, I ended up getting a size 6 because I don't really like the baggy fit of things these days but it's really comfy and I love it so much. I wore it to work today.

Jay tried these daft Ozzy Osbourne glasses with the security tag on he he.

I'll try not to leave it too long till next time, I do have lots of things to post!


  1. I just thought I'd leave you a comment to say that you are so stunning! I am very jealous, your hair is gorgeous and your figure is to die for! All of these clothes look so nice on you! I love that peace shirt, where is it from?
    If you were to follow me I'd be very grateful!

  2. omg you're hot! I love all the outfits, they fit you sooo well! I wish i could get my hands on something similar! Love the glasses aswell! *__*

  3. love the colour of your hair!! and the floral ribcage top is very nice! :)